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MY FIRST BOOK REVIEW (online) of ‘THE END OF THE LINE’ (my first published book)

Definitely one to frame and keep for posterity…then hand to my grandchildren!

Review by: am on Aug. 12, 2011 :
“I bought three books about the apartheid era from Smashwords. One was great, one was amazing and professional quality. This one was terrible. Unreadable pap, written by someone with no capacity for critical thought.

The author has evidently been under a rock since 1993. His memoir/novel/whatever ends in 1993, with his liberal utopia being realized, and he has no idea what happened afterwards. It’s been EIGHTEEN YEARS. Did you read the newspaper ONCE since then? Where is your utopia now? Why haven’t you moved back to South Africa to enjoy its fruits?

He also can’t write and can’t edit his writing. He writes like a third grader with a learning impediment. The first chapter or…

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