Makorori, Gisborne by Dawn Furmage
beautiful and deserted Makorori beach, Gisborne, East Coast , New Zealand…a place where I often get my dose(“fill”) of upliftment and inspiration
One dream dies…another one beckons… a new dream awaits! 


The first months of marriage were blissfully happy for the couple.

Some months after the great day the driver announced to his surprised young bride that he wanted to return to racing, and that he would soon have a test session to see whether he could still drive as he did before his accident.

Mary, like most young women who seeked, perhaps craved certainty and security in life, was a trifle apprehensive about the impending test, as her man withdrew into himself. And about a year later after his Goodwood accident the driver did have a test session, but knew immediately afterwards that he was not the same driver, as he was before…so announced his immediate retirement from motor racing.

Yet happy with her man’s decision, but what was he to do with his life now… and in the long days and years ahead?


The couple came from vastly different backgrounds (though both Judao-Christian cultures), yet were quite “spiritual people ”  in their own way (though they didn’t discuss such “airey-fairey” matters.  Mary had a very strict upbringing in provincial NZ, whilst Chris was more “unconventional”.

The ex-driver withdrew into himself for a while, becoming more introspective,  and Mary worried about her man. He didn’t want to go out much and he seemed to have changed with a loss of confidence… but fortunately this state did not last long, To her joy one day, Chris announced that he was tired of sitting around at home by himself and had decided to get a job: in  the life assurance field… as he liked dealing with people and soon got a job with a large company as a marketing consultant dealing with insurance brokers in the city.

As a newly married man Chris threw himself into his work and as in his racing he gave it all he had.  He applied himself diligently to learning all about his companies products and liked calling on his insurance broker clients. However, he found that became tired very easily now and went to bed early each evening… but no doubt, that would soon pass, as he adjusted to his new role.

Mary continued her nursing (she liked the cameraderie and social activities with her colleagues at the hospital) as her husband did rather well in his new career, though he found trips away to conferences extremely stressful and “high pressure in front of the top brass” (or so he said afterwards).

Mary was very happy turning the house into a home, as she was a great decorater. She loved a tidy home and spent a lot of time organizing the house. And she was proud of her husband doing well in his new career and he too seemed to be very happy as “joint breadwinner”. He was enthusiastic about his new path in life and was determined to do the very best for his beloved wife.


After a couple of years to the couples great delight Marie announced that she was pregnant with twins and on the greatest day of their lives, Garth and Shane were born. Shane was extremely tiny, but a fighter and was given oxygen and under the great care of the nursing staff did very well to survive.  He was a fighter with a strong spirit!

Chris was doing well in his job (with his accommodating boss, Tony and with great admin support – he had an excellent efficient secretary, Nicola who organised all the administration- not one of Chris’s strong points) the new family was happy seeing friends, going to the theatre, or out for dinner, enjoying the beaches and most Sundays going on mountain walks with the twins in their back-packs (though Mary got a bit nervous at times on the steep paths).  Then she was quietly encouraged and reassured by Chris.

Life was great fun with good friends and a happy family.


But after a few years, about three stable and happy ones (in spite of stress in certain work situations), Chris started to feel bored in his job, calling on the same insurance brokers day after day. Mary hadn’t seen her parents for some time, having left New Zealand about fifteen years earlier for new adventures. So the young family decided to take an overseas trip for Chris to meet his wife’s parents as well  as seeing the twins for the first time. And the bonus of  seeing the beautiful tranquil country, the haven that is “little” New Zealand.


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“Life is what happens in between making other plans.”

– John Lennon


“We shall not cease from exploration

And the end of all our exploring

Will be to arrive where we started

And know the place for the first time. “

T.S. Eliot — “Little Gidding” (the last of his Four Quartets)


“We learn far more from our tears than from our laughter.”

“It is always darkest before the dawn.”

“‘For I know that the plans I have for you’, says the LORD… “They are plans  for good and not for disaster (evil), to give you a future and a hope.”

“Then you will call upon Me, and I will listen to you. And you will seek Me and find Me with all your heart. I will be found by you”, says the Lord.

Jeremiah 29:25 (11-13)


Now let’s start writing the story…

today  21st November in the year 2012

Gisborne, New Zealand


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5 am on the 22nd November in the year 2012
Don’t worry about the world ending today…
it’s already tomorrow in “the little haven of scenic and tranquil” New Zealand




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