The Woman Who Took on Mugabe

The following is a great letter in the New Zealand Herald
from . It’s the type of letter, I’ve wanted to write for years.

Well-written, Graham



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Graham Whiteman

It is a disgrace that New Zealand has agreed to send the Black Caps to Zimbabwe next month. This shows the world that we condone the outrageous thuggery exercised over many years by the Mugabe regime.

It is beyond belief that the International Cricket Council continues to
insist that countries must tour Zimbabwe
in order to retain ongoing and future match schedules.

The recent murder of Robert Mugabe’s opponent, Solomon Mujuru, confirms that
he and his henchmen are still eliminating anybody who opposes their regime.

Morgan Tsvangirai was beaten and his wife was killed in a very suspicious
car crash, yet he valiantly remains Prime Minister in the…

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