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Oscar Pistorius: Big trouble in South Africa, the land that believes in miracles

The unfolding drama of the Oscar Pistorius case has created a wave of soul-searching in South Africa, writes Tim Butcher




The spectacular fall of Oscar Pistorius, national hero turned tearful murder suspect, has raised questions about the state of the nation Photo: Getty Images

By Tim Butcher

7:30PM GMT 22 Feb 2013

It has been a heartbreaking week in South Africa for those who believe in miracles. Ever since Nelson Mandela strode so forgivingly to the close of his long walk to freedom in the early 1990s, modern South Africa has flirted almost recklessly with the ”M’’ word.

The way white rule ended peacefully without the sort of civil war that blighted so many other parts of Africa was recognised, rightly in my view, as…

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